New Business Database: Business&Industry on DIALOG and DataStar

Article excerpt

Responsive Database Services, Inc. (RDS), a new database publishing company in Beachwood, Ohio, has announced the premiere of its first database. Business&Industry (B&I) will be available next month on Knight-Ridder Information's DIALOG and DataStar services.

RDS was founded in 1994 by Dick Harris, former president of Predicasts, who has assembled a team of experienced information professionals from all segments of the information industry. RDS's mission is to be "responsive to user needs" in the design, content, and delivery of its products and services. RDS is developing databases and products that better answer today's and tomorrow's information needs. Harris said, "There are many gaps in the products and services that are currently available to users, and we hope to fill them with the right content and tools at the right price."

B&I is a multi-industry, multinational database with powerful indexing based on user-friendly controlled vocabulary and coding, with an emphasis on facts and figures and key events dealing with public and private companies, industries, markets, and products. This emphasis is highlighted in B&I's enhanced title feature and informative abstracts.

B&I covers over 600 titles from the U.S. and abroad, with emphasis on the most important trade and business news publications. The B&I editorial policy is "very tight" with concentration on facts and figures and key events relating to companies, industries, markets, products, and new technology. The article selection criteria also aims at maximizing selection of articles related to these criteria, and in reducing the duplication of articles within the database from different sources. Source publications include trade and business magazines, national and regional newspapers, international business newspapers, and selected trade newsletters.

Records in B&I are available as abstracts and full text and are retrievable through user-friendly indexing terms that are applied for precise retrieval. Records are indexed with corporate names, including companies and non-profit organizations. RDS employs the Standard & Poor's company thesaurus for public and private companies, and in this way provides access to legal company names for over 10,000 public companies and more than 30,000 private companies and their affiliates or subsidiaries; ultimate parent relationships are indicated for records dealing with subsidiaries. …


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