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Getting on Board

Magazine article Information Today

Getting on Board

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When our team of ITI editors blogged the Online Information show in London last month (, we listened, we interviewed, and we discussed the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the information industry.

Is there really something to it? At the end of the day, it would seem to be more in the category of "yes/and" rather than "no/but."

In one well-turned phrase, columnist Don Hawkins summed it up in his blog entry when he wrote, "Socialization and increased interactions between people and content mean that content has assumed a new importance, and relationships define the context."

Indeed, what we saw in London was classic information providers incorporating Web 2.0 capabilities in their standard offerings or talking about their plans to do so in the coming months.

In my self-selected reporting assignments for the blog, I was particularly impressed with the way Collexis embraced the social media model in constructing its new medical information service. Borrowing the ever-popular National Library of Medicine (NLM) database, Collexis used it to create a service that is fundamentally about the relationships among authors and co-authors. As a result, a search on Collexis goes way beyond literature discovery to include research trend analysis and predictive analytics.

I also had the opportunity to interview online KM community-builder David Gurteen about the impact that Web 2.0 interactive and collaborative technologies have in knowledge-based enterprises.

Gurteen was not sure he wanted to brand the trend as KM 2.0, but he conceded that in many respects, the things people are doing on their own are what KM practitioners have always hoped they could get people to do. The "extra work" that knowledge workers have complained about with KM initiatives is now work that they willingly take on in the bottom-up collaborative applications that put them in the driver's seat. …

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