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The Debate: Few Sparks, Clinton and Obama Nearly Hug

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

The Debate: Few Sparks, Clinton and Obama Nearly Hug

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We be blogged the debate tonight, below, Obama vs. Clinton, adding at the top.

To comment or read more, go to E&P Editor Greg Mitchell's blog.

*9:55: In the usual "offbeat" final question slot, the two were asked if they would form a "dream ticket." They both have some fun with it and don't rule it out. Obama has some good quips while Hillary fritters it away by plugging an upcoming TV event. But then amazing moment at end, as Obama gallantly pulls back her chair as she gets to her feet. Then they whisper to each other and nearly embrace. It's almost sexy.

Obviously each had decided they liked their chances and so went positive, all night.

9:35 Debate takes a very bad turn for Hillary when asked about her vote for the war. She refuses to say it was mistake, argues that there was a "credible" case for WMD and that she only wanted to threaten force and couldn't imagine Bush was that obsessed with attacking. Blitzer asks if that means she was "naive." She denies, and then mentions "credible" again. Obama jumps in and says that everyone knew at time that it was an authorization for war not just a threat and that's why we need a new mindset. Very bad moment for her.

9:25: Obama seems to carry the day on Iraq, and gets in a little swipe at Hillary by saying that while they agree largely on what to do about getting out he also wants to change "mindset" that got us into it. Blitzer asks if she noticed that swipe and she laughs and pretends she didn't and says, "we were having such a good time up here."

9:15: Fun shots of celebs in audience: Rob Reiner, Diane Keaton, Pierce Brosnan, Jason Alexander, "Uncle Betty," more...

Hillary gets biggest applause of night saying, "We needed a Clinton to clean up the mess made by the first Bush and we need another Clinton to do the same after the second Bush," or words to that effect. Crowd goes nuts and Hillary offers big smile and Obama looks glum, for the moment.

9:00 After a break, second half opens with questions about who has most experience. Obama talks about his whole career and says bringing people together and fighting special interests are what really counts. Hillary talks about her own career, including as First Lady and going around the world. …

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