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Obama Wins Easily over Clinton

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Obama Wins Easily over Clinton

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NBC called the South Carolina primary for Barack Obama just as polls closed, in a "substantial margin" over Hillary Clinton. NBC's exit polls showed that he got 24% of the white vote, twice what had been predicted.

As per usual, most of the time, this year, we will be blogging the results and the react tonight as the returns from South Carolina come in.

As usual, the spin will be as vital as the vote -- unfortunately.

We will add from the top below.

To comment or read more, go to blog.*8:00: NBC now declares Hillary taking 2nd place over Edwards, which must be a relief to her.

Clinton releases statement congratulating Obama, adds, "we now turn our attention to millions who will make voices heard" in days ahead. She refers to Florida -- even though it is not supposed to count -- and American Samoa.

Obama scheduled to speak at 9 p.m. NBC reports that Caroline Kennedy will be endorsing him in the pages of The New York Times tomorrow -- an op-ed maybe?

7:15 : NBC's exit polls show that Obama got 24% of white vote, more than twice what was predicted. Young white voters really broke for him. Pat Buchanan argues that he still lost 3/4 of white vote so is doomed. …

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