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'La Opinion," like 'L.A. Times," Backs Obama and McCain

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

'La Opinion," like 'L.A. Times," Backs Obama and McCain

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Yesterday word emerged that the Los Angeles Times would offer its first endorsement since 1972 for president to Barack Obama and John McCain, with the key California primary coming up on Tuesday. Now La Opinion, the popular Hispanic paper, has made the same endorsements. The Obama-Clinton race may hinge on the Latino vote.

Here are brief excerpts from the editorials.*

The Democratic Party arrives at the California primary with a historic choice between two extraordinary candidates. We believe that of the two, Senator Barack Obama represents fundamental change in a campaign in which "change" has become a central theme. Obama's approach to immigration and his inspiring vision are what the country need to break through the current feeling of political malaise.

There is no doubt that Senator Hillary Clinton would be an excellent president if elected. She is capable, competent, disciplined, and hard working. She has shown herself to be a talented legislator and is on the right side of the major issues. Her plan for universal health care is one example of the courageous initiatives she has proposed as a candidate. And it would be wonderful to elect the country's first woman president.

She has garnered significant Latino support from such influential and high profile national leaders as Ra?l Yzaguirre, Henry Cisneros and Antonio Villaraigosa. She has worked tirelessly over many years to represent the best interests of Latinos and her personal commitment has been well-documented throughout this campaign.

Yet, this is a historic moment and tremendous skills and experience are not enough to inspire a feeling of renewal in our country after eight long years of George W. Bush.

As well, we were disappointed with her calculated opposition to driver's licenses for the undocumented, which contrasts markedly from the forceful argument in support made by Obama. We understand that this is an extremely controversial issue but we believe there is only one right position and it is that of the senator from Illinois. And, while both senators support comprehensive immigration reform, only Obama has committed to bringing forward new legislation during his first year in office. …

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