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Virtually Perfect World of Working in Your Own Home

Magazine article Marketing

Virtually Perfect World of Working in Your Own Home

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Shakespeare referred to the soldier's "bubble reputation won in the cannon's mouth"; and if ever there were an industry for bubble reputations it is ours. Transience is always in vogue and tiny achievements loom as large as leviathans.

Of no organisation was this truer than of Chiat Day, which became amazingly fashionable, as far as I can make out, largely on the basis of one fine, though derivative, commercial for Apple which ran, I believe, just once, during the 1984 Superbowl.

As we all know, Chiat's profits did not match its reputation and it ended up having to sell out to Mammon in the form of True North Communications. Money isn't everything, though, and the company always intrigued me, particularly when I read some time ago that it had restructured its agency as a virtual office - especially since I have run my business that way for four years.

My motives were nowhere near as high-flown, and certainly nothing to do with a lust for high technology - I can't even drive a motor car. No: it just seemed to me a cheaper way of running a business, with benefits both for my clients and myself. And so it seems to have proved.

I sit with one-and-a-half helpers in my seedy office, while my associates work from their grand estates in the Home Counties, busy scribbling, drawing, thinking up absurd excuses for late work, cajoling our clients, and doing bizarre things with databases - just like people in real agencies. After initial doubts, even our clients appear to like it.

The chief benefit is a better class of person. …

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