Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

Building Our Future

Magazine article The Exceptional Parent

Building Our Future

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Remember when you were young and built a snowman or a sand castle? You were so proud. Then, the next day, you went out to the back yard or down to the beach and found total devastation.

That's how I felt the day my son was born. When the day started, I was filled with excitement and anticipation; just hours later, I was running down the hospital hallway beside my sister-in-law and a nurse, who was pushing my wife's stretcher into the emergency room. Days seemed to pass before the doctor came out and said my wife was fine, but the baby might not make it.

My new son, Nicholas, was going to be sent to Children's Hospital, and I went along. The ambulance ride seemed to last forever! I kept wondering if my son would live and how my wife must be feeling, all alone at the other hospital. What a mess! How could something so beautiful turn so ugly?

The doctor at Children's Hospital said that Nicholas had suffered oxygen deprivation and was having seizures. Nicholas was on a lot of medication and the doctor told me, "The prognosis isn't good, but time will tell. Kids are tough."

I didn't want to leave for fear Nicholas would die without family by his side. So I waited. And every day, as I waited, the medications started to wear off. Finally, Nick started to wiggle.

During those long days by his bedside, my son became a passion. "Think positive!" I kept telling myself. I sang to Nick, read to him, talked to him; I still don't know if I did all those things because I was tired or because I was going crazy. Then one day, exhausted, I fell asleep next to Nick's bed. When I woke up and looked at him, he was looking back at me! At that moment, I knew he was going to live. I was so happy. I felt a burning deep inside my heart.

Finally, Nick's mom got to visit for the first time. That visit made me realize why God made moms and the important role they play in a child's life. …

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