Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Action Agenda: Strategies & Suggestions

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Action Agenda: Strategies & Suggestions

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True transformation of an organization, its mission, programs and services requires involvement on all levels. By taking a three-pronged approach that includes policy, promotion, and programs, you can be sure that your transformation includes every aspect of the organization. Don't expect a change overnight. A strong and lasting transformation happens in small, well-organized increments. Look over our "How To" list below for details on the three-pronged approach.


Repositioning requires thinking on several different levels.


* Begin Benefits--Start thinking about benefits. Strive to incorporate the benefits-based approach to parks and recreation into all levels and aspects of your agency.

* Target May 1996--Identify members of your organization who may serve as the impetus for a transformation. These people should be able to serve as members of an initial kickoff team and help construct a repositioning plan of action for May 1996.

* Workplace Wellness--Celebrate wellness in your workplace. Let your department serve as a role model for wellness and as a wellness facilitator. Inviting others who work nearby to join your staff in lunchtime strolls or early morning workouts.

Give recognition to individual staff members who practice healthy lifestyles. Recognize local workplaces where health and wellness have become ingrained in the lives of the employees.


* Press Releases--Consider changing your approach from the simple information-oriented press release. While you announce the opening of the soccer league season, take that opportunity to expound on the benefits of athletic endeavors.

You're not just offering a field and a coach, you're helping to shape healthy, active, self-confident children.

* Brochures/Flyers-Incorporate fitness and healthy lifestyle facts into your informational brochures. People like to know the reasons behind things. Revise your program descriptions to incorporate the benefits of participation, not just the "who, what, when, and where"...give them the "why" as well.

* May Promotion--Begin to prepare a proclamation or resolution to be signed by local officials as well as a press kit to coincide with the spring release of the Surgeon General's report. …

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