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Magazine article The American Prospect


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"Make it a hundred."--John McCain on possible U.S. length of stay (in years) in Iraq should he be elected president

From: Rick Davis, campaign manager

To: John McCain

In response to some of the pushback you've received for your vision of a 100-year war in Iraq, we've compiled a list of reasons to back it up.

Your talking points:

* The original Hundred Years' War between England and France left the population of France smaller by two-thirds. This made France roomier. Plus, France is now the most-visited country in Europe. If we stay in Iraq for 100 more years, we could produce another France.

* Yes, it's true that England was left bankrupt. But that didn't stop it from launching right into the Wars of the Roses, which lasted about 30 years more. And consider this: No Wars of the Roses, no Tudors. No Tudors, no Elizabeth I. And we all like Cate Blanchett.

* Today, de-Baathification is a hot-button issue, and Iraqis cannot agree on what to do with former Baath officials. …

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