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Maintain Your Competitive Edge with Interaction Analysis

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Maintain Your Competitive Edge with Interaction Analysis

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Whether clients are contacting businesses through a website, emails, or the customer service center, organizations are constantly being held to higher standards.

Ensuring optimum service requires all divisions of the organization to maintain focus on the customer experience, which can be affected by employee interactions, corporate procedures, and products and services being delivered.

To understand and optimize your business, companies must be able to monitor and analyze customer interactions which is possible with multi-channel interaction analysis technology. By utilizing a speech engine to automatically process contact center recordings based on their contextual meaning, multi-channel interaction analysis enables users to quickly uncover emerging contact center trends, understand why customers call, identify agent training opportunities, and improve overall performance and operational procedures.


Analyzing recorded customer conversations provides insight into behaviors, emotional inclinations, and communication styles, which allows management to better understand customers' expectations and address them through customer-oriented coaching and training programs. While most organizations have processes in place for evaluating agent performance at regular intervals, few have the ability to identify and address problems as they occur. By revealing unknown customer or performance related issues, this technology enables the timely resolution of performance problems which results in more confident agents, reduced call times, and improved customer satisfaction. By quickly retrieving specific types of calls needed for agent evaluations, coaching, and training programs, interaction analysis can additionally reduce the amount of time needed for call searches and calibration. For example, one Autonomy etalk client reduced a weekly calibration session search from two hours to ten minutes.


It is critical that the business has tools to help sales representatives maximize opportunities in the call center. With interaction analysis, sales managers can develop targeted training that demonstrates how to optimize interactions with a current or potential client. Managers can retrieve sample calls that demonstrate successful and unsuccessful communication styles and sales techniques, giving the representatives firsthand knowledge of how to handle different types of interactions. Interaction analysis also helps managers identify performance and compliance issues as they occur, allowing them to immediately address problems such as improper sales verifications. For example, managers can leverage interaction analysis to automatically flag calls in which a sales agent does not ask for the proper identity verification of the customer and automatically alert the manager. …

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