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Do's and Don'ts: Best Practices for Survey Success from Vovici

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Do's and Don'ts: Best Practices for Survey Success from Vovici

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DON'T ... Ask too many questions

It's easy to ask too many questions or include questions that are very complex. Avoid questions that are too granular and try not to incorporate topics without a clear focus. You can easily scare away or confuse respondents and not get the information you are after.

DO ... Keep Surveys Simple and Focused

Studies show that keeping surveys short-with no more than 30 questions-is the best practice. In many cases surveys can be much shorter. Focus on a single underlying theme and ask questions to gather the exact information you need. Resist the temptation to ask, "Just one more question...."

DON'T ... Take Responses for Granted

A survey is not successful without respondents. People have plenty of things to do with their time, and despite the importance you may place on the survey, it is usually not a high priority. If you don't pay sufficient attention to how you recruit respondents, you may be faced with a poor response rate, a high abandonment rate, or both.

DO ... Invite Respondents with Care

A strong invitation shows respect for recipients and their time. Studies have shown that most email recipients look at an email for eights seconds before deciding whether or not to take action. If you can't grab a recipient's attention and provide them with a reason to take action in those eight seconds, you've lost them.

DON'T ... Contribute to the Spam Problem

Everyone hates Spam ... and Spammers. But you don't want them to hate you, your survey, or your company. To make sure you are not sending Spam, take care to avoid violating the CAN-SPAM Act and be sure you know where your lists are coming from.

DO ... Use Lists Appropriately

The respondents to your survey will come from either your own lists (your customers or employees, for example), or from outside lists. If you are not using your own list, invite respondents using reputable, third-party list brokers or panel providers. These organizations enable distributions to their lists without directly providing you with the names and addresses of the prospective respondent.

DON'T ... Substitute Data for Analysis

Once responses are compiled, many organizations present the data they've gathered in a linear fashion that exactly follows the order of the survey questions. …

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