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Marketing Digital Report: Search - Jargon Buster

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Digital Report: Search - Jargon Buster

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Don't know a link farm from a spider? Consult our essential glossary of digital search terms and phrases.

AdWords - Google's advertising system, which serves text ads related to search terms.

Algorithm - The 'rules' that a search engine may use to determine the relevance, and therefore ranking, of a web page in its organic search results.

Boolean search - A search allowing the inclusion or exclusion of documents containing certain words through the use of operators such as 'and', 'not' and 'or'.

Bounce rate - A 'bounce' occurs when a visitor leaves a site without looking at any further pages. Low bounce rates are a sign of website effectiveness.

Cross-linking - The practice of linking together several domains; overuse can lead to search-engine penalties.

Description tag - Meta information tag inserted at the top of a web page to describe the contents.

Directories - A web search tool compiled manually. Users can search across a directory using keywords, or browse through the subjects.

Doorway pages - Web pages often engineered to rank highly on search engines. Excessive use can lead to search-engine penalties.

FFA - Free for all link pages, see also link farms.

Fuzzy search - A search that will find matches even when words are misspelled.

Gateway pages - See doorway pages.

Google bomb - Setting up multiple sites that link to a single website with the purpose of increasing a Google ranking.

IP targeting - Categorising a web user by their Internet Protocol address - a unique code revealing their location.

Keyword density - The number of times a keyword is repeated within a web page, expressed as a percentage of the total number of textual words on the page.

Keyword marketing - The purchase of keywords (or 'search terms') by advertisers in search listings. See also PPC.

Keyword tag - Phrases that describe the content of a web page, inserted into the meta tags at the top of a page.

Link farms - FFAs that exist for the sole purpose of increasing site rankings. Can result in a site being banned.

Location-based targeting - Using available consumer data to refine search marketing by address. See also IP targeting.

Metasearch engines - A tool that allows a user to search across two or more engines and directories simultaneously.

Meta tags/descriptions - HTML tags that identify the content of a web page for search engines. …

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