MARCH 19TH: Newspapers Look at Fifth Year Iraq War Anniversary Coverage

Article excerpt

This week we will be reviewing coverage in major newspapers related to the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

The New York Times put together a big package on for the anniversary, including a slideshow of photos from the first weeks of the war, reflections on the war from correspondents on the Baghdad Bureau blog, and an interactive timeline of the major events of the war beginning with Bush's 2002 State of the Union address where he labeled Iraq as a member of the "Axis of Evil." The moving slideshow is only fifteen photos long, but it shows a breadth of shots from a group of Iraqis walking past a rocket to smaller moments like one of an Iraqi offering an American soldier a cigarette as the giant statue of Saddam Hussein is prepared to be torn down. David M. Herszenhorn also penned a piece about the Bush administrations miscalculation of costs of the war. They predicted $50 to $60 billion. Five years later the United States has spent around $600 billion. The Washington Post also has a large package. They have special feature with profiles of 13 different people coming from different sides and aspects of the war, including policymakers, protestors, soldiers, Iraqi politicians, and family members of the deceased. Karen DeYoung wrote a feature voicing opinions and reflections on the last five years and how the military strategy has changed. She expresses the frustrations of military leaders now at having to answer for old strategies they were not involved in, and their struggle to keep the public and the government engaged in the conflict now that issues like the economy have superceded Iraq. The Chicago Tribune discusses the odd coupling of progress and stagnation in a country where the violence has decreased, but the prospects for complete restoration of peace are grim. Liz Sly addresses the practical challenges still left, like providing basic services like electricity to Iraqis, but acknowledges that the biggest challenge will be repairing the social structure damaged by the sectarian fighting. …


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