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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - BAA

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - BAA

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Crockett and Tubbs here we come - or do we? Mix wants to fly to Miami, but will our bags ever get beyond Terminal 5?

BAA You're calling Heathrow Airport information, Fiona speaking, how may I help?

Mktg Hi, I'm not sure if I'm through to the right people, but I am after some flight information.

BAA I'll try my best, but it depends what you're looking for (laughs).

Mktg Basically I'm looking to book a flight to Miami with BA and I'm aware that they fly from T5. I'm just slightly worried because of the problems they've had with baggage. Is there still a problem?

BAA It's pretty much looking like things are getting back to normal What I can do, though, is give you the telephone number for BA and they can advise you. (Provides details.)

Mktg Is that a freephone number?

BAA It's not; it will cost about 6p or 8p a minute.

Mktg Do you know if the problems are likely to happen again?

BAA I know that there have been problems, but as from today, I don't know. It's British Airways that you would have to speak to. It was their computer systems that went down.

Mktg Is that what caused the baggage problems?

BAA That's right. So it would only be them who could advise you on it.

Mktg I know it probably sounds stupid but it's something you tend to worry about. …

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