Smokers of Cigarettes and Marijuana Fare Worse

Article excerpt

Among teenagers and young adults who smoke marijuana, the minority who are not cigarette smokers have fewer problems personally, socially, and academically than do the majority who also smoke cigarettes, according to Swiss investigators.

The researchers analyzed data from a nationally representative survey of more than 7,000 Swiss students aged 16-20 years to examine the relationship among cannabis smoking, cigarette smoking, and overall functioning. They reported their findings in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

A total of 455 study subjects who smoked marijuana only, 1,703 who smoked both marijuana and cigarettes, and 3,105 who never smoked either substance completed anonymous questionnaires, reported Dr. Joan-Carles Suris of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and her associates.

The prevalence of youth who smoked pot but not cigarettes in the overall sample was 6%. Compared with the subjects who also smoked cigarettes, those who did not were less likely to feel depressed, to be sensation seeking, and to have been drunk. They were more likely to live in intact homes, to participate in sports, and to get good grades. …


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