Top Web Sites to Add Interactive Multimedia; and You Can View It through Shockwave

Article excerpt

Millions of Netscape Navigator 2.0 users can now experience multimedia in a Web page and the dynamic impact of multimedia documents for the first time. Shockwave for Director brings Director productions - with interactive graphics, sound, and animation - to the Internet. Web developers are using Shockwave now for interactive entertainment, merchandising, advertising, product demonstrations, and education.

Macromedia, Inc. has announced that dozens of major Web sites are using its Shockwave for Director to transform the World Wide Web from static pages to interactive multimedia. Many of the most popular sites on the Internet are adding high-impact multimedia productions, which can be viewed using Netscape Navigator 2.0 with a free Shockwave plug-in. Now available for the first time, the Shockwave plug-in can be downloaded from Macromedia's Web site (

Web publishers who are preparing to unveil new media content include a who's who of the Internet and multimedia worlds: CNN Online, Time Pathfinder, CondeNet Online, 20th Century Fox, MTV Online, Turner Online, Apple Computer, Disney's Toy Story, Intel, USA Today Info, Advertising Age, M/B Interactive, Sony Music Entertainment, Melrose Place, Internet Shopping Network, American Cancer Society, Home, On Ramp, c/net online, Clement Mok Designs, Radical Media, Siegel & Gale, ad-hoc Interactive, and Maytag. Cybernauts can visit Macromedia's Web site to be introduced to the multimedia Web and for links to the first "shocked" sites showing interactive multimedia.

"Shockwave is a breakthrough that brings the Internet to life," claims Fred Sotherland, vice president, creative director of c/net: the computer network. "Now more like television than a print medium, the Web is fun, dynamic, and interactive. …


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