Magazine article Information Today

Retrospective: 25 Years Ago in Information Today

Magazine article Information Today

Retrospective: 25 Years Ago in Information Today

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Back in 1984, Information Today rolled off the presses for the first time as "The Newspaper for Users and Producers of Electronic Information."

And here we are 25 years later, delivering the news and trends that shape our industry today. As we paged through another vintage issue, we spotted some familiar quests and some familiar names that were making headline news then and certainly are still today. Here are a few highlights from the March 1984 issue (Volume 1, Issue 3) from Bev Smith's frontpage story that tackles the topic of "Student Researchers: Are They Out There?" This reminds us all how much has changed in the last quarter of a century.

   Does the phrase "The school of
   the future is here today" sound familiar?
   In recent months, numerous
   news features and magazine articles
   have zeroed in on one elementary
   or high school classroom that
   is learning a few computer fundamentals,
   and--eureka!--we're told
   that the high-tech education of the
   future is in practice today.

   Are these stories merely media
   hype or are our pre-college-age
   students actually using computers
   as research tools to access information
   electronically? Information
   Today conducted an informal survey
   of some of the major vendors
   and several school districts in various
   parts of the country to determine
   if a growing population of student
   searchers really exists....

From page 2,"From the publisher,The meeting that wasn't to be," Thomas H. Hogan wrote:

   The idea for the National Online
   Meeting was born on a snowy Saturday
   afternoon in January, 1979.
   It would be modeled, we decided, on
   the international meeting sponsored
   by Learned Information, Ltd.,
   our sister company in England, but
   would have its own character and
   flavor to reflect the state of the online
   world in North America.

   We also decided that the meeting
   would have only a three or possibly
   four-year life span. Surely, we
   reasoned, online retrieval of information
   would be so commonplace
   by then that an annual meeting on
   the subject would be superfluous.

   Wrong! The fifth National Online
   Meeting is about to take place,
   and it will be the largest and best
   attended ever. The meeting would
   appear to still be in its infancy--a
   long way from old age....

On page 9, students were gearing up for the continuing wave of emerging technology that would make computers a learning tool as in "Cramming by Computer":

   College-bound students with an
   Atari or Commodore can now cut a
   competitive edge by prepping for
   the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
   by computer. … 
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