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Analytics Solutions from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions: Actionable Intelligence for Informed Decisions

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Analytics Solutions from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions: Actionable Intelligence for Informed Decisions

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Your organization captures a wealth of information from customers every day. Are you using it to your advantage? Speech, data, and customer feedback analytics from Verint[R] Witness Actionable Solutions[TM] can help you turn mountains of data into actionable intelligence--and evolve your customer service departments into strategic assets.


Your captured customer interactions and agent screen data are a rich source of information about what customers want and need--and how well your company delivers it to them.

Unfortunately, many organizations rely on this data solely to understand what is happening in their contact centers and customer service departments, rather than why. And truly understanding why problems are occurring is fundamental to knowing how to fix them--not to mention reaping the benefits of improved customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, and reduced costs.

This actionable intelligence typically is not available from quality monitoring and transaction management applications, or your IVR, ACD, and CRM systems. It's seldom available from traditional customer surveys, either. As a result, instead of using a broad set of data to make decisions, many organizations rely on anecdotal assessments from their staff and statistically insignificant customer polling to gather business-critical information, with subjective--and sometimes misleading--results.


It's not feasible to play back the tens of thousands of interactions in your contact center to understand why customers call, where your processes may be inefficient, and which behaviors contribute to specific business outcomes. And it's not wise to make customer service decisions based on a handful of customer surveys. To help businesses distill meaningful intelligence from call and screen content, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers proven analytics solutions:

Impact 360[R] Speech Analytics can provide insight and actionable intelligence from thousands and even millions of customer calls. In addition to searching an unlimited number of terms and phrase combinations in structured and unstructured data, it can uniquely process, retain, and mine the entire content of calls, not just the keywords and phrases that users know to search for. It helps automatically reveal critical information that users would not otherwise know, and define and prioritize the root causes of customer service or performance issues.

Impact 360 Data Analytics analyzes interaction data to suggest root causes of specific performance metrics, ways to improve negative performance factors, and how addressing these factors might change key performance indicators (KPIs). …

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