Magazine article Word Ways

Anagrammed Couplets

Magazine article Word Ways

Anagrammed Couplets

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Ove harvested several fields of wordplay from the 19th through 20th centuries to come up with an impressive list of word pairs, in which each word is an anagram of its partner.

acred cedar--"Odd Knots," The Independent, New York, April 18, 1895

actors co-star--Viking, E, Fe. 1972

Ah ha!--Palea (Miss L. Booth), Cloverdale, VA, cited in Golden Days, June 4, 1898

astute statute--Swamp Angel, Rock Falls, IL, "Mystery," the National Tribune, Sept. 14, 1893

bedroom boredom--Don Emmerson, Madison, WI, WW, Feb. 1984 best bets

bizarre brazier--Don Emmerson, Madison, WI, WW, Feb. 1984

cheap peach--The Masquerade, Vol. 3, 1799

cited edict--Arcanus (Jacob E. Reisenstein), EE, Dec. 1914 continued unnoti ced

coordinate decoration--L.M.N. Terry (Charles Newton Crowder), Baltimore, AP, Dec. 1, 1900

Cremona romance--M.C.S., "Obscurities," late 1893

demoniac comedian--Don Emmerson, WW, Feb. 1984

Denied, indeed!--Tom A. Hawk, Springfield, OH, AP, May 5, 1900

direct credit--Comrade, Baltimore, MD, "Comp.," Feb. 21, 1897

dishonest hedonists--Don Emmerson, WW, Feb. 1984

dusty study--"Complications" in The Sunday Inter-Ocean, May 29, 1896 Elvis lives!

enterprises intersperse--John O'London's Weekly, March 25, 1938

esoteric coteries--Nelsonian (James McKinstry), "Enigmatic Oddities," May 18, 1902

float aloft--Dauntless, "NP," Jan. 27, 1906

grown wrong--R.O. Chester, "Complications," I-O, Feb. 7, 1897

horse/sheer--Medius, Thomaston, CT, "Enigmatic Oddities," March 16, 1902

introduce reduction--The 20th Century Standard Puzzle Book, Pearson, 1907

insatiable banalities--Don Emmerson, WW, Feb. 1984 lame male

latent talent--Nyas, "Mystery" in the National Tribune, Nov. 29, 1894 marine airmen (oxymoron)

married admirer--Molemi, B & O, April 1928

Medusa amused

--Hercules (Howard B. McPherin), "Our Puzzles," the Newark Sunday Standard, June 6, 1894

nameless salesman

noiseless lionesses--Don Emmerson, WW, Feb. 1984

ocean canoe--Robert Merry's Second Book of Puzzles (ca. …

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