Hillary Clinton Hits 'Sexism' in Media Coverage -- Says Gender Bigger Drawback Than Race

Article excerpt

In an interview with The Washington Post's Lois Romano, Hillary Clinton hit "sexism" in media coverage of her campaign as "deeply offensive to millions of women." She criticized the "vitriol" from "misogynists" and said that the race factor was often discussed but not gender: "[E]very poll I've seen show more people would be reluctant to vote for a woman to vote for an African American, which rarely gets reported on, either."

While some of the quotes have already surfaced, here is a full transcript of the Sunday interview sent to E&P today:*

Q. One of the stories that has been well documented over and over again is basically how you've been treated by the media. Can you talk about that a little bit, because I get the idea that it's really pissed off a lot of women. A. "I think it has. I think it's been deeply offensive to millions of women. ... I believe this campaign has been a ground breaker in lots of ways, but it certainly has been challenging given some of the attitudes that have been forthcoming in the press, and I regret that because I think it's been really not worthy of the seriousness of this campaign and the historical nature of the two candidacies that we have here. But I don't really stop to worry about it because there's nothing I can do about it." Q. Are women going to be upset if you don't get the nomination? A. I have more voters now than my opponent. I have more popular vote, more people voting for me. Q. Counting Michigan and Florida? A. According to ABC, and I think it's a fair way to total it up because my name was on the ballot they voted for me. But in any event, it's one of the closest races we've ever had and I think that a lot of people are deeply invested in their candidates, so there will probably be disappointment no matter which of us gets the nomination. And then it will be up to us to unify the party and make sure we are victorious in November against McCain. Q. What's the scenario by which you could still win the nomination? A. If people start asking themselves who's the strongest candidate against John McCain, because I believe I am. Q. Do you think he can win? …


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