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Tarnowski's Modern Allegories Deliver Message of Hope

Magazine article Art Business News

Tarnowski's Modern Allegories Deliver Message of Hope

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IRVINE, CA -- Artist Glen Tarnowski's work is instantly recognizable. His old-world approach and earthy palette combine with fantastic elements to create an unmistakable style. For the past couple of years, Tarnowski has been working on establishing a new artistic approach called Modern Allegory, which has been gaining popularity with an ever-expanding base of collectors.


The artist says this new style could be considered surreal from a broad categorical sense, but it quickly diverts into another camp that is set apart from the realm of Surrealism, which often focuses on gothic, nightmarish or hallucinatory themes.

"I go to the Modern Allegory because the purpose of an allegory is to try to get the audience to become better, transcend themselves emotionally," Tarnowski says. "It doesn't make you pull back; it draws you in simply because the message itself is one that's encouraging."

Once he has his viewers hooked aesthetically, Tarnowski hopes his combination of contemporary elements and symbols will convey a deeper message to his audience. By engaging his viewers, Tarnowski makes them active participants in the art. His overall goal is to get people to analyze his work in the hopes that it will impact them emotionally and connect with them personally.

"My work is an artistic exercise of the mind," he says. "I strongly believe that high art, the art that the masters really strived for, is art that says, 'Wherever you are in life, whatever your position is, whatever your status is, there's always an opportunity to go higher, to achieve more, to go beyond what you know of yourself.' Art should be an uplifting of the human spirit."

The objects depicted in the artist's work represent symbols from a variety of different cultures. Some of them are well-known and traditional; some are symbols of his own creation, but they all represent a deeper meaning. …

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