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Never Check Your Luggage, and Other Travel Tips

Magazine article Management Review

Never Check Your Luggage, and Other Travel Tips

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One of my most illustrative memories as a flight attendant was the woman who stopped me in the Dallas airport asking for help finding her gate. When I asked her where she was going, she replied, "I don't know, my son took care of all that for me!" I'll admit, most business travelers do at least know their destinations, but without doubt, the greatest problem the average business traveler faces is lack of familiarity with those friendly skies.

So, in response, following are some of my favorite tips, double standards and secrets to make business travel a little easier:

* Never use a garment bag. It will never fit in the front closet (as most of the other 250 passengers on board will have the same idea). And you'll end up frustrated at having to carry and find a place for it.

* Roll it on. The roll-board suitcases used by flight attendants are popular for a reason. You can live comfortably for weeks with what you can fit in one, and they will fit under the seat in front of you (the only place for luggage on-board that is absolutely yours), so you never have to wonder where you're going to put it. Use colored tape to make yours distinguishable from the masses.

* Pack lightly. When packing, men should remember that one gray suit and three different ties work as well as three suits--and are a lot easier to pack. Women can coordinate a jacket with several blouses and skirts, thereby accomplishing the same result.

* Use travel-sized toiletries. There is no toiletry product known to man that does not come in a travel size. Pack a pouch with your daily toiletries, and leave it in your luggage at all times. That's one less thing to pack for your next trip.

* Get seating in advance. When making reservations, always ask for a seat assignment at that time. If you do this, and never check your luggage, will never have to stand in line at the ticket counter again.

* Always ask for a special meal. No one goes into a restaurant and simply eats what's put in front of them. This is a free service, and the food is always better than the regular fare. You are not limited to spice-free meals either. Most airlines today offer such choices as fruit plates and hamburger meals. …

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