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Silverface to Blackface Mod

Magazine article Guitar Player

Silverface to Blackface Mod

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IS THERE A WAY TO CONVERT A FENDER silverface Super Reverb to make it sound like a blackface model?

--Dick Hedge, Groveland, CA

It's not difficult to convert a silverface Super Reverb to blackface spec, and the end result will usually sound as good as or even better than its blackface counterpart. That said, do not attempt this modification unless you are certain that you know what you are doing. Silverface Supers are still very affordable, so it will be well worth paying a qualified amp tech to do this work if you're in doubt about your electronics skills. If you decide to tackle it on your own, always be sure to unplug the amp and drain the power capacitors before getting started to avoid electrical shock. All resistors used should be carbon composition 1/2 watt, 5 percent tolerance or better.

Step 1: Rewire bias supply and add two 220k[ohms] resistors

Look at Fig. 1 and locate these parts in the chassis.

1. Remove both 100k[ohms] resistors (brown, black, yellow) between points B and E, and F and G.

2. Add two 220k[ohms] resistors--one between points "F" and "G", and another between points "E" and "G".

3. Move the existing resistor and cap lead on point "A" to point "B".

4. Move resistor on point "C" to "D" and move the wire on point "D" to "C". Now look at Fig. 2. This is how your chassis should look now.

Step 2: Replace four resistors in the phase inverter

Look at Fig.3 and locate these parts inside the chassis.

Replace the 47k[ohms] resistor (yellow, violet, orange) going from point "H" to "I" with a 100k[ohms]. …

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