Goss Dryer Integrates Afterburner, Pollution Control

Article excerpt

The Ecocool/T dryer, the latest model from Goss International, features a new integrated afterburner and pollution-control system that increases heat-exchange efficiency and reduces energy consumption -- for both drying and afterburning -- up to 40%.

The latest Ecocool technology maximizes use of evaporated ink solvents, according to Goss Product Manager Rob Bosman. "Instead of releasing solvent-laden exhaust air to a separate pollution-control device, we are burning it and using the energy to fuel the dryer in a closed-loop system," Bosman said in a statement.

Afterburning is not new, but Bosman attributed increased heat-exchange efficieny to Goss advanced technology, which reduces the amount of gas needed solvent fumes emitted. Solvent hydrocarbons are reduced to carbon dioxide and water. "The air that is eventually emitted to the atmosphere is about 99.9% clean," said Bosman.

As the printed web enters the Ecocool dryer, burners typically heat it to 284 ?F, driving solvents out of the ink and extracting them along with the air just before the dryer's cooling section. In the upper and lower burner units, solvent-laden air passes through a heat exchanger, which typically heats it to 1,020 ?F, creating combustion energy. …


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