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German Papers Say 'Many Have Lost Faith in America' Because of Bush

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

German Papers Say 'Many Have Lost Faith in America' Because of Bush

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With George W. Bush visiting Germany and other parts of Europe this week, German newspapers have been slamming the U.S. president in language stronger than most American dailies use.

The Der Spiegel publication compiled some of the comments, which are quoted below.

-- Berliner Zeitung: "Rarely has an American president been less popular in this country. And rarely has one embodied the arrogance of power more convincingly than Bush.

"It is unforgotten how he humiliated the United Nations, how he went to war against Iraq with a 'Coalition of the Willing,' how his closest aides portrayed France and Germany as wimps. Bush discredited values which had brought United States worldwide respect. Many have lost faith in America because of the false reasons given for the war, the unlawful imprisonment of terror suspects in Guantanamo, or the photos of Abu Ghraib."

-- Handelsblatt: "Bush junior wasn't up to the challenge following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, because he let himself be pushed into an unwarranted war by listening to the wrong advisers, and thereby prevented a broad front against terrorism. Constructive Middle East policy was made more difficult, and the regime in Iran was strengthened. Bush didn't just boycott the Kyoto Protocol, he persistently undermined it -- and thereby helped polluters such as China. With this unilateralism Bush damaged America's reputation and curtailed his room for maneuver."

-- Suddeutsche Zeitung: "In Germany, America is no longer seen as a country of individual liberty, as a reliable ally, and definitely not as a model. There are a large number of justified accusations leveled at Bush's policies. …

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