Magazine article Resources for Gender and Women's Studies: A Feminist Review

Special Issues of Periodicals

Magazine article Resources for Gender and Women's Studies: A Feminist Review

Special Issues of Periodicals

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BLACK MUSIC RESEARCH JOURNAL v.26, no.1(spring 2006): Special issue: "The Music of African-American Women: Secular and Sacred, Uplift and Self-Assertion." Editor: Christopher Wilkinson. Publisher: Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago, in partnership with the University of Illinois Press. ISSN: 0276-3605.

Partial contents: "Western University at Quindaro, Kansas (1865-1943) and Its Legacy of Pioneering Musical Women," by Helen Walker-Hill; "Debuting Her Political Voice: The Lost Opera of Shirely Graham," by Sarah Schmalenberger; "Work the Works: The Role of African-American Women in the Development of Contemporary Gospel," by Tammy L. Kernodle; '"You Sell Your Soul Like You Sell a Piece of Ass': Rhythms of Black Female Sexuality and Subjectivity in Meshell Ndegeocello's Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape," by Nghana Lewis.

ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIESv.30, no.2 (2007): Special issue: "Feminism and Post-Colonialism: Knowledge/Politics." Issue editor: Suki Ali. Publisher: Routledge. ISSN: 1466-4356 (online); 0141-9870 (print).

Partial contents: Postcolonial Translations," by Hazel V. Carby; "The Language of Diversity," by Sara Ahmed; "Indignity," by Ranjana Khanna; "Postcolonial Subjectivity: Masculinity, Shame, and Memory," by Amal Treacher; "Black Beauty: Shade, Hair and Anti-Racist Aesthetics," by Shirley Tate.

HARVARD THEOLOGICAL REVIEW v.99, no.4: Special issue honoring "the fiftieth anniversary of the admission of women to the [Harvard Divinity] school, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Women's Studies in Religion Program." Issue editor: Ann Braude. Publisher: Cambridge Journals (Cambridge University Press). ISSN: 1475-4517 (online); 0017-8160 (print).

Partial contents: "A Short Half-Century: Fifty Years of Women at Harvard Divinity School," by Ann Braude; "Acute Melancholia," by Amy Hollywood; "Ekklesial Work: Toward A Feminist Public Theology," by Rosemary P. Carbine; "Encountering the 'Other' in a World of Difference and Danger," by Letty M. Russell; "Women Th. D. and Ph.D. Graduates of Harvard University" (tweleve-page listing, with dissertation titles).

JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS v. 102, nos.1-3: Special section: "Depression and Anxiety in Women Across Cultures." Guest editor: Uriel Halbreich. Publisher: Elsevier. ISSN: 0165-0327. Available online to licensed users via Science Direct.

Partial contents: "Culturally-Sensitive Complaints of Depressions and Anxieties in Women," by Uriel Halbreich et al.; "Women's Mental Health in the Muslim World: Cultural, Religious, and Social Issues," by S. Douki et al.; "Mental Health of Moroccan Women, a Sexual Perspective," by N. Kadri et al.; "The Explanatory Models of Depression in Low-Income Countries: Listening to Women in India," by Bernadette Pereira et al.; "Depression Among Women in the South-Asian Region: The Underlying Issues," by J.K. Trivedi, Manisha Mishra, & Arvind Kendurkar; "What does Chilean research tell us about postpartum depression (PPD)?" by E. Jadresic, D.N. Nguyen, & U. Halbreich; "Patterns of alcohol use between genders: A cross-cultural evaluation," by Florence Kerr-Correa et al.

JOURNAL OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY'v.92,. no.l (Winter 2007): Special issue: "Women, Slavery, and Historical Research." Issue editor: Brenda E. Stevenson. Publisher: Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Howard University, CB Powell Building, 525 Bryant Street, Suite C-142, Washington, DC 20059; phone: (202) 865-0053; email:; website: ISSN: 1548-1867.

Partial contents: '"Matter out of Place': Ar'n't I a Woman? Black Female Scholars and the Academy," by Deborah Gray White; "Ar'n't I a Woman? Female Slaves in the Plantation South--Twenty Years After," by Darlene Clark Hine; "In Pressing Need of Cash': Gender, Skill, and Family Persistence in the Domestic Slave Trade," by Daina Remay Berry; "'Mad' Enough To Kill: Enslaved Women, Murder, and Southern Courts," by Wilma King; ""From Motives of Delicacy': Sexuality and Morality in the Narratives of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Jacobs," by Margaret Washington; "The Question of Slave Female Community and Culture in the American South: Methodological and Ideological Approaches," by Brenda E. …

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