Dylan Does It Again Time with a Paintbrush

Article excerpt

"Ever since the beginning of time, and closely aligned with man's upright gait, a connection has existed between sound, language, song, rhythm, sign, and drawing.... Consequently, human nature and creative versatility have also been linked since time immemorial, with specialization being more a phenomenon of the modern era. An artist with such unusual powers of synaesthetic perception as those of Bob Dylan can, through his work, reinstate the buried link between historical memory and myth. [He] succeeds as few other artists have done in communicating, in several artistic fields, complex perceptions and emotions with Raphaelesque sincerity," observes Inarid Mos singer, museum director of Kunstsammlungen Chemnitzn in Germany, where many of the images in Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series were on exhibit earlier this year.


Dylan, of course, is one of the most talented artists of our time. Few fans may be aware, however, of the significant role the visual arts have played in his world view--or, as Mossinger, the editor of this volume, adds, "Artistic work requires as its tools emotion and intellect, inspiration, sensitivity, and passion." Drawing and painting have served as an outlet for his huge creative energy and in this book, newly created and never-before-published paintings by this legendary singer-songwriter (and, obviously, artist) are displayed. …


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