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Army Imperatives

Magazine article Soldiers Magazine

Army Imperatives

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NOT long after assuming his duties as Army chief of staff, Gen. George W. Casey Jr. rolled out four imperatives that he said can balance a force that has been "stretched and stressed" by six years of war.

"Sustain, prepare, reset and transform," are the four ways Gen. Casey said the Army must restore readiness and strategic depth. He said that today's Soldiers are performing admirably in Iraq and Afghanistan, but expressed concerns that the Army would take more time than he's comfortable with to respond to other threats around the world.

"Today's Army is out of balance," he said. "We are consumed with meeting the needs of the current fight." With many units having only one year between deployments, he said their training must focus on counterinsurgency tactics and that there is no time to train for the "full spectrum" of combat.

On the other hand, the Army now has a "combat-seasoned" force that can adapt quickly, Gen. Casey said, but he added that he is concerned that a lack of training in conventional warfare and inadequate investment in the future could deter readiness over the long haul.

Restoring depth and breadth and building capacity will take a few years, he said.


The first imperative is to sustain Soldiers, Civilians and Families, Gen. Casey said, through recruiting and improving quality of life. Taking care of wounded warriors is also part of this, he said.

"Our mission is to rehabilitate Soldiers and get them back into the fight," Army Secretary Pete Geren said during his opening remarks at October's annual meeting of the Association of the U. …

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