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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Sega

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Sega

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Mix rang the video-game firm to ask why we were being cheated of Olympic glory when playing its Beijing 2008 title.

Sega Good morning, Sega, how may I help?

Mktg Is that customer services?

Sega It is, yes, sir.

Mktg I've just got a few questions. I bought the Beijing Olympics game for the Xbox 360 a few weeks ago. I've got an Xbox Live account, which works fine on other games I have, but on the Beijing game there are a few bugs and errors. If I finish first in a race, and you can see it on screen, it will give me a random time and knock me back a few places. It keeps doing it. Obviously, you can hear people talking online through headsets and everyone agrees.

Sega OK, to be honest when we made the game we didn't have any problems I think there is something on the Xbox Live service. At the moment we don't have any plans for a patch. There may be one later, but we don't have any information.

Mktg It would be good to have the problems sorted out before the Olympics. There will be lots of people playing it then.

Sega We've had a few calls about this. I would suggest fixing the problem as soon as possible, but we don't have anything for it at the moment.

Mktg Is there a similar problem with the PS3 then? …

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