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BEST OF THE WEB: Monday's Highlights from Newspaper Web Sites

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

BEST OF THE WEB: Monday's Highlights from Newspaper Web Sites

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Each day E&P combs the Internet to bring you some of the best features that newspaper Web sites have to offer. Here are today's picks.

In Arid Egypt, A Struggle to Grow Enough FoodThe New York TimesPhoto Slide ShowBy Shawn Baldwin

"With exploding populations and diminishing water resources, the nations of the Middle East and North Africa are struggling to secure a reliable food supply," according to a caption in this New York Times slide show. In Egypt, 80 million people are packed onto an area smaller than Connecticut -- a portion which accounts for just 5% of the country's land. With brick-and-concrete apartment buildings popping up amidst farming fields, the struggle to grow enough food is sorely felt by country's population. This gallery captures this daily struggle and features telling photos of men and women tending to their crops.

Haiti Voodoo PilgrimageThe Denver PostPhoto Gallery

Thousands of pilgrims ventured to Saut d'Eau in northern Haiti last week to partake in one of Voodoo's most sacred rituals: praying and bathing with aromatic leaves in water thought to have special powers. This Denver Post photo gallery captures the intensity behind the Voodoo pilgrimage, and offers photos of cascading waterfalls, ritual dancing, and a particularly striking photo of a Voodoo believer captured in trance.

Beijing Readies for the OlympicsLos Angeles TimesPhoto Gallery

From the 100,000-seat Olympic stadium known as the "Bird's Nest" to the moat known as the "Water Cube" that surrounds the National Aquatics Centre, to the newly opened subway line, Beijing is readying in fine form for August's Olympics. …

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