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Keeping Costly Laptops Secure

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Keeping Costly Laptops Secure

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From 2005 to 2006, there was an 81% increase in the number of companies reporting stolen laptops containing sensitive information (2006 Annual Study: The Cost of Data Breach. Ponemon Institute, LLC, 2007). How can you keep your laptops safe and costs down? Here are 10 tips.


1. UNDERSTAND THE RISKS. As schools open up their networks to their mobile users, they expose themselves to greater security risks.

2. BE PROACTIVE. If you can't identify the weaknesses in your network's security, someone else will. Educate yourself on the tools and techniques used today by cyber criminals as well as other security risks. Data security is a moving target that requires ongoing attention.

3. USE CABLE LOCKS ON LAPTOPS AS VISUAL DETERRENTS. However, since most cable locks can be ripped off the plastic exterior of a laptop with a strong tug, they can't be the only theft deterrent.

4. AVOID LEAVING UNSECURED NOTEBOOKS UNATTENDED. Lock them in cupboards, notebook carts, or other secure facilities when not in use.

5. KEEP LAPTOPS INCONSPICUOUS. Laptops should be carried in inconspicuous carrying cases, such as backpacks of tote bags, instead of telltale laptop bags. …

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