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Magazine article Management Today


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The World War in Gulf: Iraq torches hundreds of oil wells before leaving Kuwait. Boris Yeltsin is elected Russian president. Ukraine votes for independence and CIS is formed, ending Soviet Union. Yugoslav president Broislav Jorvic resigns. Croatia and Slovenia declare independence; Dubrovnik is later shelled.

Britain IRA fires mortar at 10 Downing Street. Helen Sharman becomes first Briton in space. Education reforms turn polytechnics into universities. John Major launches Citizens' Charter. Jobless total rises to 2.4 million. Terry Waite is released.

Politics Michael Heseltine announces a new council tax to replace the unpopular poll tax. Norman Lamont raises VAT to 17.5%. European leaders agree Maastricht Treaty.

People Norway's King Olav dies, also Robert Maxwell and Freddie Mercury. Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf gets knighthood.

Business Gerald Ratner describes his merchandise as `crap'. BCCI is shut down. Fraud investigation begins into Maxwell pension funds. Daily Mirror is put up for sale.


The World George Bush is sick in Japanese premier's lap. Billionaire Ross Perot gets 19% of vote. LA riots flare after acquittal of police accused of beating Rodney King. US, Canada and Mexico sign NAFTA. UN imposes sanctions on Serbia. Czech Republic and Slovakia agree to `velvet divorce'.

Britain Windsor Safari Park goes bust. Tories beat Labour in general election, confounding expectations. Betty Boothroyd is first female Speaker. Ian and Kevin Maxwell are arrested. David Mellor's affair with Antonia de Sancha exposed. The pound drops out of ERM.

Politics Norman Lamont announces tax cuts for low earners, while shadow chancellor John Smith announces rises for high earners, and succeeds Neil Kinnock as Labour leader.

People Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate. Margaret Thatcher becomes life peeress, Jeffrey Archer life peer.

Business Cadbury Committee proposes corporate governance reforms. Hongkong & Shanghai Bank wins control of Midland . Cooperative Bank says no to unethical customers. Daily Telegraph flotation flops. BP and IBM plan job cuts, 11,500 and 25,000 respectively. Olympia and York, owner of Canary Wharf, calls in receiver.


The World Western Europe is a single market - official. Clinton becomes 42nd US president. Waco siege ends; 87 dead. Yeltsin dismisses Russian parliament and seizes power. Sydney outbids Manchester for 2000 Olympics.

Britain Tanker Braer runs aground off Shetland, threatening wildlife. James Bulger's murder shocks the nation. Grand National is declared void after two false starts. The City is `ringed with steel' against terrorist threats. Parliament votes for limited Sunday trading.

People Rudolph Nureyev dies, also Bobby Moore. Queen agrees to pay income tax. Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk share Nobel Peace Prize.

Politics The Maastricht Treaty is ratified after a humildating defeat for the Government. …

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