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L.A. Times Ads Tease the Reader

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

L.A. Times Ads Tease the Reader

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THE LOS ANGELES Times has given new meaning to the journalistic term "teaser."

In its first marketwide ad campaign in six years, the newspaper has brought forth a full-scale promotional effort that teases reader with snippets from news stories that leaves out the essential ingredient.

The idea is being tried on television, radio, billboards and print. One so-called "cliffhanger" reads: "Baseball's 24-year experiment could soon be hea...."

Another reports -- almost: "When complete, the $30 billion space station will...." On TV, the screen goes blank at this point.

Still another dangler ends at the point where it would tell the ocean where the U.S. has dumped the largest amount of chemical weapons.

The teasers are followed by the advice: "Get the story. Get the Times. Los Angeles Times."

Even Los Angeles Dodger catcher Mike Piazza being "haunted" by a recurring dream is offered -- up to the point of what the dream is about.

Says Janis Heaphy, Times senior vice president/advertising: "The campaign has an urgent line that pulls in the reader who has a question mark in his mind that asks, 'What is that story? What is it that I need to know? …

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