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RSC Publishes Electronic Chemistry Conference on CD

Magazine article Information Today

RSC Publishes Electronic Chemistry Conference on CD

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The Royal Society of Chemistry has published on the CD-ROM the first completely electronic conference to be held on organic chemistry. The Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC-1) took place entirely over the Internet between June 12th and July 7th, 1995, and was the first of its kind in this subject area.

The ECTOC-1 conference was organized by the U.K.-based CLIC Consortium. Taking its name from its members (Cambridge University, Leeds University, Imperial College London, and The Royal Society of Chemistry at Cambridge), CLIC's primary objective is to introduce and set standards for fundamentally new ways of communicating chemistry.

Henry S. Rzepa, a reader in organic chemistry at Imperial College and one of the editors of the CD-ROM, was pleased with the caliber of the chemistry discussed at ECTOC-1. "The organic chemistry community has really done us proud by offering some very high-quality science indeed," he said.

The CD-ROM is not just an electronic format for an electronic conference, it has been enhanced with the kind of graphics that only this medium can provide. Users of the CD-ROM will benefit from these features:

* 75 peer-reviewed articles and posters from authors in 13 different countries in synthetic, mechanistic, and bioorganic chemistry

* Keynote articles highlighting significant work from leading chemists

* The e-mail discussion of the articles among chemists across the whole organic scientific community

* Color and/or "clickable" 2-D diagrams

* A "molecular hyperglossary" of 3-D coordinates

* Video animations and virtual reality navigation

* Editable reaction schemes and search queries

The CD-ROM, therefore, offers not just important research in organic chemistry, but also the comments and discussion of the worldwide scientific community in response to this research, as well as several new and innovative ways of presenting the information. …

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