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UPDATED: 'E&P' at Democratic Convention -- on the Floor for Roll Call Vote as Obama Makes History -- Plus Weymouth and Will.I.Am

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

UPDATED: 'E&P' at Democratic Convention -- on the Floor for Roll Call Vote as Obama Makes History -- Plus Weymouth and Will.I.Am

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Starting Monday, E&P has provided items and reports from Denver, where the Democrats are meeting all week to officially nominate the Obama-Biden team.

The pieces are written by one of our current columnists, Maegan Carberry, and Charles Geraci, a former intern here who covered the 2004 GOP convention in New York. Geraci now works for The Herald Journal in Logan, Utah, a daily paper, and is one of 50 correspondents affiliated with MTV this election year as part of its "Choose or Lose" team.

So here are the latest postings-- so far. Return for more later, updated from the top.*WEDNESDAY 11:30 PM ET The term "sensory overload" could not be more appropriate for how I'm feeling right now. The 16th Street Mall was a nightmare today, crowded with protesters (and their large signs with pictures of mutilated fetuses), cops, delegates, staffers ... my head is spinning just thinking about them all!

I just encountered some Republicans driving a Toyota FJ pulling a large, inflated electric blue elephant down the middle of a very busy street. Not to mention, as I Twittered earlier this afternoon, I was almost run over by Dennis Kucinich outside of Barnes & Noble a couple hours ago while searching for a functional wireless outlet, which has been pretty spotty even at The Big Tent.

We spent last night at a party for up-and-coming elected officials, hosted by my LA City Councilman Eric Garcetti. I enjoyed some spirited conversations with policy-wonk types while Shepard Fairey DJed. All week it's felt like I've been transported to a dark bar in Adams Morgan, flanked by preppy Hill dudes everywhere I turn, and this crowd was a little more low-key, which was a welcome change.

The best part of yesterday, though, was a conversation I had with a local woman I wound up having a beer with while waiting for Blaise and Melissa. She'd tried to volunteer to help at the convention and hadn't been contacted back (which happens with the excess of volunteers). She'd left work early hoping to check out the action and meet inspired people. --Maegan Carberry*

8:30 PM ET. E&P was just on the floor of the Democratic National Convention for the roll call vote, and the environment was electrifying for the audience.

The states individually reported their votes for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but not all got to give their results, as Clinton dramatically appeared and moved that the process cease after two thirds of the states had reported. If any antipathy exists among the pledged Clinton delegates, it wasn't apparent Wednesday evening, as chants of "Yes We Can" and "O-BA-MA" erupted through the Pepsi Center.

Once Clinton was finished speaking, the O'Jays "Love Train" immediately started playing. Hands were waving in unison, and nearly everyone--press excluded, of course--was singing. One delegate in particular caught my eye. A tall, buff man--who is probably intimidating in most settings--was waving his arms and singing every word with the biggest smile on his face. E&P spoke with a superdelegate from Utah, Helen Langan, who said the roll call was her favorite part of the convention so far. "It's electric," Langan said. "This is so exciting. We've had some great speeches and there have been a lot of highlights," adding, "So far this is my favorite moment." -- Charles Geraci * 3:00 PM ET: Another rapper has come out against the Fox News Channel, this time telling E&P the network represents what "saddens me about America." When E&P spotted is in Denver this week for the Democratic National Convention-- at Tuesday night's John Legend concert at the Beta Nightclub and requested an interview, he initially said he was "talked out." But one simple question quickly got him going. We asked the Black Eyed Peas' frontman what media he's been following this election year. He said he's often on the blogs, the Internet and his cell phone, noting, "I don't really read the newspaper. …

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