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TUESDAY UPDATE: 'E&P' Blogs the Democratic Convention! Return Here for Reports from Our Pair in Denver

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

TUESDAY UPDATE: 'E&P' Blogs the Democratic Convention! Return Here for Reports from Our Pair in Denver

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Starting now, E&P will be providing items and reports from Denver, where the Democrats are meeting all week to officially nominate the Obama-Biden team.

The pieces will be provided by one of our current columnists, Maegan Carberry, and Charles Geraci, a former intern here who covered the 2004 GOP convention in New York. Geraci now works for The Herald Journal in Logan, Utah, a daily paper, and is one of 50 correspondents affiliated with MTV this election year as part of its "Choose or Lose" team.

So here are the first postings. Return for more later, updated from the top.

*TUESDAY 1 PM ET: Twenty-four hours into the DNC, I've been getting the lay of the land (which has been pretty interesting). It's one of those limited-resources situations where there's a plethora of political enthusiasts representing their various causes, and because you're a liberal you have to pay attention to them.

For example, I experienced some progressive guilt yesterday when I went to Walgreens to buy some toothpaste and when I came out, I was immediately sandwiched between a help-the-homeless guy and an immigrants rights activist. I didn't know whose pamphlet to take or who to listen to, and I really just wanted to get home to finish my writing. I wound up nodding and pretending to chase after the guys riding around the 16th Street Mall in an "Impeach Bush" rickshaw.

And let's talk about rickshaws. My previous experience with them consisted of that one episode of "Seinfeld" when Kramer buys one to great disaster. Today, though, after walking for an hour to pick up my tickets to this week's various parties, it was hot and I was sweating so badly that I commissioned a rickshaw driver. I've always thought it was a little weird to be pulled in a person-drawn contraption and I felt very ackward chit-chatting with my driver while I watched him peddle away. (Although I was getting quite a workout trying to hang on to my laptop and grip the safety bar so as not to fall out on a particularly steep incline en route to the convention center!)

The streets were just lulling to action this morning on my walk. Lot of Obama buttons and Yosi's HOPE shirts. Some enthusiastic Nader supporters protesting in a park.

My pal, the brilliant Max and the Marginalized rocker-blogger, Max Bernstein, and I are stationed centrally in a lovely studio pad we found on Craigslist. -- Maegan Carberry


MONDAY 10:05 PM ET: Mike Littwin says he's working on "surviving" the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The lead political columnist for the Rocky Mountain News has been busy the last few days -- interviewing Barack Obama, attending a protest in Denver and, of course, writing his columns. "I'm working on surviving," he told E&P Monday. "That's the main thing I'm working on." In a rather snarky column that ran in Monday's edition of the newspaper, Littwin found some humor in the over-hyped Sunday protests in Denver. "It was sort of funny to watch the city and the newspaper, which I think overreacted to the possibility of drama on the streets," Littwin said. In Monday's column, Littwin wrote of the protest he attended, "This was the anti-confrontation confrontation. It was more like duty at Coors Field. You arrest a few drunks and sit back and watch the [baseball] game. …

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