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Inmagic: Turning Up the Knob on Social Volume

Magazine article Information Today

Inmagic: Turning Up the Knob on Social Volume

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With a name like Inmagic, it's not unusual for the company to pull a few surprises out of its proverbial hat.

For the past 25 years, Inmagic, Inc. concentrated on the special libraries/special collections niche, according to Mike Cassettari, vice president of marketing and business development. He joined the company nearly 2 years ago at a time when Inmagic was "taking a look at the current business and deciding what shape the company was in, and then how we wanted to move forward along with any trends we were seeing."

As a software vendor, Inmagic built its reputation on tools such as Presto. But with an infusion of $5 million in funding from Edison Venture Fund, Inmagic took a new spin with its business base of 5,000 organizations in 100 countries as it set its sights on providing solutions and services for its users. The company also expanded its offerings with a new management team, new board of directors, new customer advisory board, a redesigned website, and a blog (, designed as a resource for expert insight, opinion, and commentary for corporate information knowledge managers today.


Inmagic introduced its revamped strategic direction and new product lineup at SLA 2008 in Seattle to position the company in the social networking space. The latest version of the Presto software, which is due out this fall, leverages the company's knowledgebase with a new solution called Social Presto that is part of the new class of software described as a social knowledge network.

Social Presto is part social media, part enterprise knowledge repository designed to provide search, access, and discovery tools, while extending the reach of the previous versions of Presto currently used by clients including Newsweek, NASA, Cephalon, the Lincoln Center, and others. The company works closely with its customers to develop a tight integration between content and social tools--with the goal of enhancing the content, adding value, and driving content use. The newest version of Inmagic Presto will integrate social tools, such as tagging, ratings, discussions, collaboration, blogs, and wikis.

As social networks continue to infiltrate the enterprise arena, Presto "embraces the social media constructs," says Cassettari. It leverages vetted information (similar to Amazon's ratings and reviews from users), and manages documents, digital images, and articles, using the wisdom of the community (much like Wikipedia). …

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