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Ancient Greece-It Lives on and on. (CyberSports)

Magazine article Information Today

Ancient Greece-It Lives on and on. (CyberSports)

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Yes, we know you have an Olympic hangover after 3,000 hours of coverage from the assorted networks of NBC.

But here's just one more suggestion, and this one has nothing to do with swimming, field hockey, or even that grandest of made-for-TV moments, the build-up-to-the-100-meter sprint.

We're talking about a website dedicated to the Olympics where there were no flags, official sponsors, or even clothes: We're talking about the ancient Olympics, the pre-Baron de Coubertin stuff with olive-branch wreaths and Olympic truces.

Tufts University developed a site dedicated to the role of the Olympics in the ancient world with everything except nightly highlights (www.perseus.

Included on the site are profiles of some ancient games' stars such as Milo of Kroton, a six-time wrestling champion who liked to show off just how strong he was by challenging men to bend (no, not pull) his flexed finger, or popping a cord tied around his head using the highly developed veins in his forehead.

Check out the first "greatest of all time" boxer, Diagoras of Rhodes, who was undefeated at an assortment of games in ancient Greece (including the Olympics) and lived long enough to see sons and grandsons (none of whom were also named Diagoras of Rhodes, a la George Foreman, to the best of our knowledge) win at the Olympics.


The site also has a collection of ancient Olympic art, much of it painted onto pottery, which will probably last longer than this media. …

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