Engaging the Reader ... and the Learner

Article excerpt

JUMP ahead right now to page 21 and read the margin quote introducing Stephen Abram's Pipeline column for this month! What? Don't want to? OK, I'll tell you what it says ... at least the part of it that caught my eye for purposes of this column.

Stephen is talking about what he calls "This 2.0 Stuff" in the column, and we pulled out and displayed prominently in the margin this comment: "Why 2.0? Because it offers the first real opportunity to use technology to go beyond search, storage, and retrieval and actually engage with readers in a scalable way beyond our walls...."

It strikes me that we've been packing recent issues of MMIS with articles on "this 2.0 stuff," always with the sense that they're current and useful. But Stephen's statement crystallizes, for me at least, why this is the case. It's 2.0 technology's capacity to engage readers ... or, more broadly, learners ... and further, to let learners engage each other that make it so important.


That's why library automation companies are trending toward providing aspects of social networking in their products and services. Read what Auto-Graphics, Follett, Sirsi-Dynix, Mandarin, and the not-for-profit Fish4Info have accomplished in this regard in Barbara Fiehn's cover story, "Social Networking and Your Library OPAC! …


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