TRAIL MIX for Thursday: What's Up at Top Newspapers' Campaign Blogs?

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In today's edition of our look at campaign blogs at newspaper sites (see links at bottom): Candidate Secret Service Code Names revealed, Palin delayed at Dulles due to excessive baggage, Comics influences Politics, Everyone BUT McCain on Esquire's 75 most influential list, Palin on Creationism, and Republican dirty tricks on campaign kids, and the NRA goes after Obama. For coverage of media and politics all day, go to the new E&P blog, at . Code names for candidatesThe TrailWashington PostBy Anne E. Kornblut While the Secret Service does not generally publicize their code names chosen for those running for the highest offices in the land. Anne Kornblut of The Trail discovered that "Denali" (the name for the Alaska national park and preserve known for its mountains and wildlife) is their code name for Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin's husband, Todd an oil slope worker, is known to the Secret Service as "Driller." "Drill, baby, drill" is the informal McCain-Palin election chant. Obama is codenamed "Renegade," and Michelle is "Renaissance" (selection of codenames for spouses often begin with the same letter). McCain is "Phoenix" and his wife Cindy is known to the Secret Service as "Parasol." Interestingly enough the code name for Joe Biden is still unknown. *Kornblut also noted that Alaska Gov. Palin's return trip to Alaska from Dulles International Airport was delayed due to an "excessive amount of baggage. This is actual, not metaphorical baggage," as Ms. Kornblut stresses. It appears that the cargo hold was too overloaded and therefore the plane too heavy to make the entire trip. Cynical observers might speculate that Gov. Palin needed even more time to prepare her script for any possible solo contact with the media on her first solo trip home since emerging from the Republican National Convention as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Palin endorsed creationism in schoolsThe Washington WireThe Wall Street Journal By Mary Jacoby While Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin endorsed the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in public schools, a position that puts the VP nominee in the camp of those who endorse a literal interpretation of the Bible. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council defended Palin and pointed out that "there are flaws in the evolutionary theory-and it is a theory..." 75 most influential people of the century The CaucusThe New York TimesBy Mark Silva Esquire's list of the 75 most influential people of the 21st Century--so far --is out, reports Mark Silva in the Caucus. …


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