Cecile Bauer

Article excerpt

Although her earliest works were performances and video installations, since 1980 Cecile Bauer has worked exclusively with photography. She often creates photocollages by joining dissimilar images and then placing over them small objects, such as a piece of string, a leaf, or a swatch of fabric. Bauer's work is radically dissimilar from the photography - much of which has been influenced by the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher - that is produced in Dusseldorf, where she lives and works. Her images are ephemeral snippets, blurry details involving cast shadows and juxtapositions in scale.

This show, entitled "fernab mittendrin" (far away in the midst of things), served as a retrospective of Bauer's works from 1968 to the present. In one of the older works, a self-portrait was juxtaposed with a photograph of a loaf of bread, and over both shots was laid a piece of string. Viewed separately these images might seem banal, but combined they suggested a peculiar narrative. In her more recent works Bauer often juxtaposes details of a single body part to form a tripartite sequence, yet she seems to resist theorizing about the body or engaging in a feminist critique. …


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