Magazine article Marketing

Caught in the Net of Hype and Stuck in a Web of Hopes

Magazine article Marketing

Caught in the Net of Hype and Stuck in a Web of Hopes

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I plan to spend the tail end of this week at a conference about the Internet at City University. It should be a pretty good one, with lots of practical information on Web publishing and top-class speakers like our own columnist, Ray Snoddy.

I could have chosen to spend the same two days at another conference, also in London, and also about the Internet. This one is organised by the Interactive Media in Retail Group. I'm sure it'll be great.

Then again, I might have devoted my time to another conference, which is also in London and also about the Internet.

'Designing The Internet' goes one better and lasts for three days rather than two. I'm sure it'll be great, too.

Of course, those two days aren't all about Internet conferences. Oh no. If I want a break, I could nip over to Bafta in Picadilly for a lunch at which the UK Web awards were being presented.

Don't get me wrong, I think healthy discussion about new media is great, especially for the profits of conference and exhibitions companies. But I'm prepared to bet that more money will be made in the UK this year from conferences about the Internet than from the Internet itself.

That's the great thing about the Internet, you see - it's all promise and no disappointment.

You can talk about what it can do till the cows come home, because no one really expects anything of it yet. It's always just around the corner.

Ask any US investment bank - they're all falling over themselves to put money into loss-making companies just as long as they have the word 'Internet' included somewhere in the prospectus. …

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