Magazine article Marketing

Facing the Media Must Be High on CEO's PR Agenda

Magazine article Marketing

Facing the Media Must Be High on CEO's PR Agenda

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Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, my column this week has gone ballistic, spewing a venomous trail of... well... venom along Southwark Bridge to the offices of (as of now) one luckless, hapless hack: Ray Snoddy.

Did you read Media Speak the week before last? It was the journalistic equivalent of mugging your dinner host, after savouring the hospitality, certain in the knowledge he or she cannot readily retaliate.

For those unaware of this cowardly act, let me recap. Hatchet-man Shoddy was invited to attend an Institute of Public Relations conference after which the dastardly assault took place, proceeding in a southerly direction down his column.

PR, he opined, is at the bottom of the heap in the hierarchy of a marketing campaign; it's becoming an irrelevance, almost an afterthought; and - yes, that same old tedious chestnut - the bin is a repository for 99.5% of press releases.

Before I give him the bloodied nose he bloody well deserves, let me admit to the flaws in my own argument.

Yes, society doesn't expect hacks to act responsibly; the 'power without responsibility' epithet sums it up.

Yes, one could fault the IPR for inviting him to inspect their dirty press releases in public, and thus create a PR own goal. (I'd call it the actions of a mature institute, personally.)

Yes, Mr Snoddy will purport to be merely reporting the views of others - media and marketers - at the conference.

And yes, press release writing, being a creative art, is imprecise and patchy in its professionalism, presentation and pertinence. …

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