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Steve, puh-leeze! (Steve Outing's "Stop the Presses," E&P Online, Sept. 2: "Print Classifieds for the Internet Age"). The same old tired solution of sprinkling classifieds with quality editorial content ship has sailed and sunk ... in main news, sports, business, every section! Just like classifieds across the country.

Newspapers already know that the bees don't always flock to the flowers. The sexiest design won't sell one more line. How about: frequent flyer-ish discounts for classifieds, for subscribers -- the longer, the bigger the discount? Why should I pay the same as a non-subscriber? No matter what they do, it all revolves around price, period. Perception is: daily classifieds are way too expensive, non-productive. That's like GM trying to sell me quality -- it's not going to happen.

Stop trying to re-think or reinvent classifieds. Start with re-doing your rates, to a point where the average reader can afford it over FREE Craigslist listings and many others. Now, you're just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Why does a five-line ad in garage sale cost $20 and same space (five lines) in real estate $125? Ink cost more? Give me a break. It's the price, stupid! I've got the guts to say it, you don't!


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I enjoyed your article about the need for reporters to cover the truth in the presidential campaign (September E&P, p. 6). In my first college class in psychology, we were taught about the "big lie" -- a tactic that McCain's campaign folks seem to have latched onto. Tell the lies often enough and keep repeating them, and after a while people will believe them. So sad.

If the "big lie" campaign works, it will be a sad day for this country. The next few months will definitely be interesting. We will continue to try to sort out truth from fiction as the campaigns progress.


Warrensburg, Mo.


Your Web coverage of stories from Alaska's newspapers about Sarah Palin (E&P Online, The E&P Pub) are excellent! Please keep up the good work. Since Alaska knows her best, they will be in the best position to confirm or refute her statements. …

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