TRAIL MIX for Tuesday: Latest on Obama-McCain Conflict from Blogs

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In today's news from newspaper campaign blogs: McCain supporters throw out anti-Obama demonstrators, Tampa Bay Rays players endorse Obama in Tampa, that Salt Lake Trib endorsement and University of Nebraska cancels Ayers speech. See links at very bottom. * McCain supporters shout down On PoliticsUSA TodayBy Jill Lawrence Jill Lawrence of On Politics reports that the American News Project has posted a video of a John McCain rally in Woodbridge, Virginia on Saturday at which three individuals handed out "Obama for Change" bumper stickers with the Communist sickle and hammer and the Islamic crescent on it, saying that Obama was a socialist with ties to radical Islam.*Tampa Bay Rays -- several endorse ObamaOn PoliticsBy Mark Memmott Straight from their victory in game 7 of the play offs sending them to their first World Series, several of the Tampa Bay Rays players took the stage at the Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama's rally in Tampa on Monday. David Price, the rookie pitcher who earned the save in last night's game and teammates Fernando Perez, Carl Crawford, Cliff Floyd and Jonny Gomes all came to support nominee Obama. Mark Memmott of On Politics points out that Obama had said he's going to be rooting for the National League team, Philadelphia Phillies in the series. After Price introduced Obama as "the next president of the United States," the Illinois Senator said, " You know I am a unity candidate." "Notable" endorsement for Salt Lake TribuneThe SwampChicago TribuneBy Mark Silva Obama has a majority of the nation's editorial page endorsements and some editorial boards have even switched from McCain to Obama.The Salt Lake Tribune's endorsement of Barack Obama is worth noting even given these numbers however, since President Bush carried Utah with close to 72 per cent of the vote during his re-election in 2004 (his best showing in any state). The Salt Lake Tribune came out with an endorsement of Barack Obama for president two weeks from Election Day and in its evaluation of the Republican ticket, criticizes "the impetuous McCain" for selecting Sarah Palin instead of Mormon Mitt Romney." The editorial goes on to point out McCain's bad judgment in choosing the inarticulate, insular and ethically challenged Palin as reason enough to disqualify him for the presidency. Bending under pressure, U of Nebraska cancels Ayers speechThe Los Angeles TimesTop of the TicketBy Andrew Malcolm The invitation went out to William Ayers to speak at the University of Nebraska last winter. …


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