Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

Are You Tired of the Campaign for President?

Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

Are You Tired of the Campaign for President?

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Are you tired of hearing all the political advertisement, the latest campaign polls, and all the interviews with the presidential and vice-presidential candidates?

I am not. Indeed, I enjoy all of it. Typically, every morning and also late at night I would click on various polls--and there are a host of them--as well as the latest electoral count.

The print media and on-line sites offer a wealth of information. Of course, one cannot check all of it (if you google Obama you get 211,000,000 references, and 150,000,000 for McCain); the available data about the candidates, by the candidates, and by their detractors is mind-boggling.

It appears that we are currently operating on two levels of experience. One is the spectacle of economic decline that may touch us and so many of our neighbors and the other is the exhilaration that our participation in the political process may have meaning.

In view of the bombardment of daily, hourly information, we are told that the outcome of the election may depend on the undecided voters. Undecided? Where have these undecided been for the past two years?

A week before the election, news reports claim that six percent of Missouri voters are still undecided.

Of whatever persuasion citizens might be, how can anyone escape not being touched by this wave of political activism?

If they do not subscribe to their daily local paper or some national newspaper, they can visit the Web sites of the candidates. The McCain site has detailed essays on the economy, energy, natural security, health care, and many other topics. …

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