Magazine article The Nation

Dope, Not Hope

Magazine article The Nation

Dope, Not Hope

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Money won. Just take environmental issues. Big Sugar in Florida, Big Timber in Maine, the aluminum industry in Oregon and the mining industry in Montana threw in last-minute millions and wiped out citizen initiatives.

Chris Dodd lost. The Democratic millionaire challengers put up by D.N.C. chairman Dodd and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman Bob Kerrey all failed.

The hippies won. Marijuana can now be used as last-ditch medical recourse in California, which is just as well since America's overall health program for the third millennium will be dope followed by Dr. Kervorkian.

Low blows won. The slur campaign initiated by myself and Ken Silverstein against "Telephone Pole" Presser of South Dakota provoked the only loss by a Republican incumbent senator. He's a toothpick now.

The "demonize Gingrich" ploy lost. Voters rejected the tactic of liberals and big labor in making their sole platform Evil Newt Destroying Medicare.

Principled populism won. Paul Wellstone, the only Democratic senator up for re-election who voted against the welfare bill, smashed his Republican challenger in Minnesota.

The Democrats lost. Bill Clinton threw them overboard. The country voted a straight Republican ticket.

Age won. Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms sailed through.

Common sense won. Exit polls showed that 55 percent of the voters think Clinton is dishonest, but they also think the economy is more important. They obviously wanted a Republican Congress to carry on investigating political corruption and make life fun for the next four years. …

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