Magazine article Marketing

Daft Ploys Can Be a Success but Not as First Intended

Magazine article Marketing

Daft Ploys Can Be a Success but Not as First Intended

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You may notice a rather disjointed quality about this week's column. That's because I am, as I write, still quivering from my encounter with a seven-foot tall, bright blue cartoon character.

I know what you're thinking and you're right, I had just been to the pub for a swift half and a cheese sandwich, but I have it on good authority (the editor of our sister organ, Campaign,no less), that I wasn't hallucinating.

He too had been accosted by the eerily-silent one and handed a chocolate Power Rangers lollipop and a brown envelope stuffed with information about Fox Kids' Network.

Big Blue Bloke is, it turns out, a children's cartoon character called The Tick who is Very Big in The US. Of course, you and I know that this particular Big Blue Bloke was really an underpaid actor in a padded suit, but let's not quibble.

I suppose the stunt has succeeded, in that those of you still with me are now aware of Fox Kids and the fact that The Tick is one of its hot properties. I'd tell you more, but I can't bear to give them the satisfaction.

The fact is, I find this sort of thing profoundly depressing and not a little embarrassing. Getting hauled down to our reception area when I'm in the middle of something else is bad enough, but worse is that terrible moment when you realise you're expected to say something. What is the etiquette for meeting seven-foot, styrofoam cartoon characters, exactly?

I always end up using the same technique as I do with my two-year-old when he hands me something revolting he's just dug up in the garden. …

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