Magazine article New York Times Upfront

Clearing the Air

Magazine article New York Times Upfront

Clearing the Air

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As the article "The Greening of Suburbia" notes, greenhouse gases--and carbon dioxide in particular-are among the chief causes of global warming, according to most scientists. With the largest economy in the world--and a culture built in large part around the automobile-the United States is responsible for the most greenhouse gas emissions. On a per capita basis, it is several rungs down on the ladder.


(1) The U.S accounts for about -- of the world's 27 billion metric tons of C[O.sup.2] emissions.

a one-half

b one-third

c one-fifth

d one-eighth

(2) The countries with the most carbon dioxide emissions per capita are in

a North America

b the Middle East

c the Southern Hemisphere

d Europe

(3) The total of annual C[O.sup.2] emissions for the last three countries shown (top graph) is closest to that of

a China/Taiwan

b Russia

c Japan

d Germany

(4) Which country accounts for four times the world average of 5 metric tons of C[O. …

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