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What I Missed Only Getting News Online

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

What I Missed Only Getting News Online

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The rest of the world seems to be gravitating from print newspapers to their online incarnations. Recently, I have found myself going in exactly the opposite direction.

When I lost my last staff position some months ago (I've been writing for various publications for over 30 years), one of the first things I did to save money was to stop buying newspapers and begin getting my news totally online. I was satisfied. At least until I took a writing test for a job recently and found I was all too "news poor."

Since then, I have dipped into my freelance resources and have begun buying newspapers again. Contrary to the above mentioned "rest of the world," I found I was missing a lot.

Now that I am devouring print newspapers again, I can honestly say I am much better informed because I am reading more stories and longer stories.

I also am realizing the joy again of running across news I didn't realize was there by leafing through all the pages of a newspaper instead of just looking at a handful of headlines on the home page of a newspaper's Web site.

Still another advantage is the techno-phobe in me rests easier because I don't have to worry about my computer printer jamming any more when I (used to) print out long stories because they were easier to read on paper than on a monitor. …

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